Through a style of loose abstraction I produce oil paintings of landscapes.  Working from remembered vistas, I depict the natural world from a subjective perspective to emphasize thoughts and feelings as opposed to physical reality.

These exaggerated and distorted landscapes contain complex and fragmented memories.  With my thorough study of painterly paintings, I use formal concerns like color and brushwork to anchor featherweight thoughts and feelings.

The brushwork is expressive and layered to give compositions depth and a sense of a low level buzzing.  Creating paintings in the open air gives me the freedom from abrasive chemical smells and nosey neighbors alike. Diptychs and triptychs are used to weave a poetic narrative.

b. 1988, Kansas City, MO


Recent Exhibitions 

May 2021 - Las Laguna Art Gallery, “Purely Abstract”, Laguna Beach, CA

April 2021 - Sebastopol Center for the Arts, “Favorite Things: TREES”, Sebastopol, CA 

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